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The VB-MAPP is designed to identify the language, learning and social skills for a child with autism or other developmental disabilities.

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    This course is for all users of the VB-MAPP App for iPhone, iPad and Web

    This course covers all the basics for conducting the VB-MAPP Assessment with both the print and electronic versions of the VB-MAPP.

    • What is Applied Behavior Analysis?
    • The Verbal Operants
    • What are the major components of the VB-MAPP?
    • Determining the student's instructional level
    • Tips for Assessors
    • Interpreting the results

    This course is a comprehensive introduction to Applied Behavior Analysis and covers critical core topics that allow a classroom teacher, aide, paraprofessional, parents and others to participate in the ABA programs of learners with Autism or other developmental delays. This course prepares participants to follow through on the practices and procedures needed by the learners including:

    This course covers and demonstrates how to take the results of a VB-MAPP assessment and then provide appropriate and effective instruction to the students employing the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis.

    • Emerging and Established Level 1 Learners: VB-MAPP Milestones Level 1
      • How to pair with early learners
      • How to choose a response form
      • How to increase vocalizations
      • How to establish Instructional Control
      • What type of programs to run with these learners
    • Emerging and Established Level 2 Learners: VB-MAPP Milestones Level 2
      • How to use the students’ strengths to teach other skills
      • How to expand established programs
      • How to improve articulation
      • How to encourage generalized responding
      • How to initiate social skills and sitting in a group
    • Emerging and Established Level 3 Learners: VB-MAPP Milestones Level 3
      • How to work on more complex language skills
      • How to expand already established skills
      • How to introduce academic skills
      • How to work on skills needed for a student to move to a lesser restrictive environment
    • Considerations when programming for the students who exhibit barriers to learning as discovered by the VB-MAPP Barriers assessment.
    • Considerations when programming for students who are ready to move to a lesser, restrictive environment as discovered from the VB-MAPP Transitions Assessment.
    • Program books and Data collection